Past Dhamma Teachings

Date: 10/8/17

Closing Vassa (Rain Retreat) ceremony

Date: 7/15/17

Vassa (Rain Retreat) is a three-month annual retreat observed by Theravada Buddhist monks which usually take place during the wet season. Vassa lasts for three lunar months from July to October.  The monks dedicate the Vassa to intensive meditation. Please come and have a peaceful day retreat with Big Baba, Luang Por Yai, Phra Naritsaro, and Phra Somboon. The day retreat and dhamma teaching  starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 9:00 PM. It's a great pportunity to offer a meal to the Sangha and practice meditation. 

Date: 5/27/17
Time: 9-5pm

Location: Kalama River Meditation Center

Title: 2561 Vesak Celebration

Date: 11/5/16, 11/12/16, 11/19/16

Time: Daylong Retreat

Location: Kalama River Meditation Center

Title: Luang Por Yai (Master Lim) will give a Dhamma teaching and meditation

Date: 4/30-5/1/16

Time: 10:00- 3:00 PM  

Location: Kalama River Meditation Center

Title: Chanting and Meditation with Master Lim and Ajahn Chai

Date: 10/24/2015
Time: 9:00 AM to 3 PM

Location: Kalama River Meditation Center
Title: The Story of Rain Retreat

Date: 10/19/15

Time: 7:00-8:30 PM ​

Location:  Theravada in Olympia

Title: Gratitude

1/26-27, 2019: Weekend Meditation Retreat with Master Lim
2/2/19 - 2/5/19: Celebrate Chinese and Vietnamese New Year 
2/16-2/17, 2019: Weekend Meditation Retreat with Master Lim


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