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What is Insight Meditation ?

Insight Meditation (samatha-vipassana) refers to practices for the mind that develop calm (samatha) through sustained attention, and insight (vipassana) through reflection. A fundamental technique as taught within the tradition of Theravada Buddhism is focusing awareness on the body.  This practice contributes to depth of clarity and wisdom as advocated in the teachings (Dharma) of the Buddha. In depth, it is to expanding of the heart, development of the mind, seeing the emptiness of "I", "me" and "mine," full awakening and immediate liberation.

To begin the insight meditation, one focuses on the breath and the mind. It allows one to be self-awareness and mindfulness thereby to live more fully present in the moment. The practice develops clarity of seeing which allows us to discover and to cultivate qualities such as compassion, equanimity, wisdom, joy, and tranquility.

The ultimate aim of the practice is to end the suffering in the discovery of an unconditioned, equanimity and complete freedom.