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Buddha Hall

Renovation of Buddha Hall

Thanks to the contribution of generous donors, Kalama River Meditation was able to raise a total of $12,508.28. The funds were used to convert the shop into a Buddha Hall with beautiful statues of Green Buddha from Bali, Indonesia, Quan Yin from Taiwan, and other Buddha statues from Thailand and Vietnam.

The transformation was completed within three days and three nights of nonstop chanting with the presence of grand masters, including Phra Ajahn Yantra, Master Chang, Master Prasit, Master Lim, Dr. Le and many other monks and nuns. All of which travelled from California, Seattle, Olympia and Houston.

The Buddha Hall is looking fantastic, however, it is not completed yet. There is more work to be done: the Buddha Hall needs new doors, the outside entrance needs a covering patio, and the gravel needs to be replaced with concrete. 

Up-to-date contribution: $700

Any form of help is greatly appreciated!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact 360-989-8829 or click the button below to donate. 

Thank you for your generosity.


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