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KALAMA RIVER MEDITATION CENTER is a Federal Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Corporation
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Ways to Get Involved!

True happiness is not what we get, but simply from what we give!  To Live is To Learn To Give! Here at Kalama River Meditation Center, we practice loving kindness, peace, happiness, and equanimity. By joining hands, your talent, time, and resources will  make the world a better place.

In everyday lives, we get distracted and distressed. We don't give ourselves a chance to enjoy our inner peace or awareness. Please come to our hermitage to experience peace and happiness.

Offering Alms to Monks and Nuns:

The giving and receiving food is a practice of spiritual connection between the monastic and lay people.   It is not just simply a way to feed the monks and nuns, it represents an opportunity to practice the Dhamma. It is a symbol of a good deed one has done. The giving of alms does not consider as charity.

Please come and join us to expand this spiritual connection with the monastics by offering lunch at Kalama starting at 11:00AM daily. You will have a great opportunity practice the Dhamma: We make a Life by What We Give!

Be a Volunteer:
 Be the light that helps others see.


Donations and offerings are an expression of deep gratitude that one feels toward the teachings of Enlightenment and Wisdom.